Redline Simulators


What We Do

Redline Simulators are the premier rental company in Victoria, Australia for simulation hire. We offer a wide range of simulation-related services for our clients for a number of different events.

You can select from several racing competitions including V8 Supercars, World Rally Championship, Formula 1 and
classic cars.
We have every track in the world and can set it up the way you want.
You can choose to drive with automatic, paddle or sequential shifts, which ever suits your style. We also have a handbrake fitted for the ultimate rally experience.


The racing program we use is ‘R Factor’. R factor is designed to run any type of four wheeled vehicle from street
cars to open wheel cars of any era. It is aimed to be the most accurate race simulator of it’s time.

The program allows players to control the mechanical set up of their cars. The players car can be driven from
multiple view points,the most popular is the cockpit view (from the drivers eye).
Our simulators are designed and built in Australia and are good enough for race drivers to train on and to
modify there race set ups.

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